Cause Marketing

Through cause marketing campaigns, we make cash and product donations to nonprofit organizations in support of causes that are consistent with our brands’ purposes. Whether it’s funding for educational campaigns to promote public health or to groups committed to causes such as animal welfare and STEM education, cause marketing is a way to do well by doing good.

during the 2019 fiscal year, we made more than $1.3 million in cash donations to support initiatives including the following:

  • The RenewLife brand joined the Whole Foods 2019 Supplier Alliance for Microcredit and pledged $50,000 to The Whole Planet Foundation to provide small loans to the world’s poorest people — mostly women — to create or expand businesses to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.
  • As part of a bold new goal to eradicate newborn mortality from vitamin deficiency diseases by 2030, the Rainbow Light® brand kicked off the Rainbow Light Shine Your Light™ campaign to make nonprofit Vitamin Angels’ first-ever U.S. vitamin drops, delivering vitamins to 25 women’s shelters coast to coast to celebrate their 25-year partnership.
  • Showing faith in the power of barbecue, the Kingsford brand sponsored Operation BBQ Relief’s Breaking Bread Tour, supplying charcoal for events that served more than 10,000 people in eight cities to raise awareness of the needs within the military and among first responders and others in need.
  • The Scoop Away® brand partnered with cat celebrity Lil BUB on her mission to spread positivity and acceptance for animal welfare and pets with special needs by creating a limited-edition box featuring Lil BUB on millions of their packages and donating to Lil BUB’s BIG Fund for the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).
  • With a commitment to protecting pollinators, biodiversity and the environment, the Burt’s Bees brand partnered with the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation to fund the mapping of 6,000 bee species worldwide. The brand also donated to the National Parks Foundation while encouraging others to give to the U.S. national park system through a social media campaign, “Let’s Stand United for Nature,” reaching over 6.5 million people.